Empty Space

A science-fiction TV drama
Episode One: “Stone Knives & Bearskins”
A Dude Production (filming in LA and Thailand)

The Story

This is a story about honor, integrity, survival, pacifism and doing the right thing. Sometimes it's sacrifice for the greater good, and it's always about breaking through barriers and solving problems.

It is set in a society that values community, peace and respect above money. We see that technology has finally become what it should have always been—"as well as life” and not "instead of life,”—organically intertwined on all levels.

Throughout we visit verses of the Tao Te Ching, simplified and modernized. These verses are counterpointed by the reality of what is happening as these people are attacked by a xenophobic, alien race. Actions need no justification when it is about survival, but as pacifists, killing is an option of last resort.

Can you tell me more?

This story is science fiction. It takes place so far in the future that people no longer use technology. Technology is embedded in the very fabric of nature, so it’s there when needed. People have learned that life is better without technology. Cities no longer exist and people live in small villages. Power is sourced from the planet’s core.

For work, these people do whatever they want. Some are good at farming, some are good at baking, some are good at cleaning or writing, some enjoy inventing, engineering, or even designing star ships. The main character, Manu, age 30 or so, has monk-like tendencies but he followed the normal path and married. His wife died at the age of 24 during an alien attack on a colony outpost.

Manu is a pacifist and will not kill, but as a skilled scout ship pilot he is happy to serve in space when needed. Manu has an 72 year old telepathic mentor who, for the last 24 years, has been teaching him meditation and Kung Fu skills. Manu also has the unusual ability to sometimes see things before they happen. The xenophobic aliens are coming, intending to wipe out every last trace of humanity...

Is Empty Space like any other film?

You could say it’s sorta like what if The Hunger Games meets and Star Wars with nods to both Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey and Silent Running.

Is Empty Space like any other TV Show?

It’s Star Trek meets Kung Fu (with David Carradine, 1972/75.)

Empty Space is a one-hour TV drama, and will feel very much like a Star Trek episode, with a nod to Battlestar Galactica.

Who wrote the script?

The first draft was written by Duane Bruner. Dude Productions is contracting with a professional science-fiction TV writer with established credentials to do a re-write. We reveal the name on May 1, 2016. We know who we want and we’re on it! Dude Productions needs to acquire WGA Signatory Status in order to hire a US-based professional writer. We’re on that, too.

Who stars in this film?

No actors have been approached, but we need to identify them in the crowdfunding video to achieve funding goals. Actors with a passion for Buddhism may be sympathetic with the script.



















Whose behind the camera?

All roles are unassigned. Current thinking is that a qualified director is compensated with 10% of the production budget, and that we hire co-directors for filming in LA and Thailand. Until we know the production budget, we cannot approach a director in a professional manner.

Dude Productions: Current Projects

Dec. 2015:
We published the book: The Tao Te Ching, a simplified and modernized version of the Tao. Subtitle: The Tao of Empty Space, by Duane Bruner.

April, 2016:
Publish the book: Empty Space Just Got Bigger, by Duane Bruner
Nov-Dec, 2016: Film “Empty Space” in LA and Thailand.

Jan. 2017:
Begin post production on the film.

Who is Duane Bruner?

Duane is the author of the Tao Te Ching, A Simple, Little Version of the Tao Te Ching. Subtitle: The Tao Of Empty Space. Duane is the creator of the entertainment product “Empty Space.” Duane is the founder of Dude Productions with offices in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Duane worked for the advertising agency Grey Worldwide from 1986 - 2008, serving in various capacities in New York, Dusseldorf, Zurich, Madrid,  Lisbon, Brussels, London, Mexico City, Shanghai, Manila and Bangkok. uane graduated from the University of Missouri - Columbia with a BA in Journalism in 1986.

Dude Productions - Distribution Network

  • Europe/UK - Juergen Blomenkamp, GroupM Global Investment Chairman, Media & Financial Consultant for Dude Productions
  • US - Bernhard Glock, former Global Director of Communications, Proctor & Gamble
  • East Asia - Alfonso de Dios, former Director of Communications, Proctor & Gamble China
  • Japan - Yoko Kawatsu, Director of Strategy, Ogilvy & Mather, Tokyo
  • SE Asia - Angelito Pangilinan, CEO Vizeum, Philipines
  • Australia - David Crossley, Director, Spire Marketing
  • LatAm - Sam Rodriquez, Managing Director, Quiroga Media
  • Canada - Arjen Melis, former Global Marketing Manager
  • Poland - Tomasz Englert, former CEO GroupM Poland
  • Turkey - Bulent Yar, CEO Mediacom Istanbul
  • Baltic States - Chuck Czepyha, Digital Media Manager, OMD Estonia

Who is Duane Bruner?

  • Crowdfunding Video Director and Editor - Alex Boyeson, Digital Mixes Media Service
  • Supporting Alex Boyeson - Mica McGregor (camera,) Ed Sheffield (sound,) Cheveux Mangpodang (make-up,)Jessie Angloan (continuity and script,) Geoff Lincoln and Pat Jatterporn (grips,) Bee Sameunmameung (lights,) Air Beungenpong (wardrobe,) Toffee Zeperus (runner.)
  • Special Effects - Johan Steen, Brandon MacDougall, Sven Rauhe, Jackson Small and various artists supplied by the Utah Film Center
  • Illustrators, Concept Art, Storyboard Artists, Graphic Designs - Rick Sternbach, Lewis Tillett, Sean Fitzgibbon, Leon Neill, Zoe Addams, Matthew Tillett, Ulf Lindquist, Rory Kirkpatrick, Gregory Tillett
  • Science,Technical Language and Culture Consultants - David Allen, Joseph Allen, Jason Brian Hunt
  • Composers - Jacob Thomas & Paul Bradley
  • Social Media Director - Cherry Keehner
  • Adviser - Oliver Benjamin (founder of Dudeism)
  • Project Manager - Duane Bruner